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‘Bison and Brides’ farm owner buys famous highway castle: $ 5 million spent in Ashland in 9 months


In less than a year, chiropractor Thaddeus Gala has moved into little Ashland in a big way. He took over the legendary 139-acre Billings Farm in November, agreeing to pay $ 2,490,000, and in August he acquired the 27-acre wine estate with a castle along Interstate 5 for $ 2.5 million. dollars.

The two southern Oregon properties are famous in different ways and their new owner is committed to making them known even more publicly.

He uses contests, live Facebook videos and crowded Zoom talks to promote his money-making ideas, from raising a bison herd to planning weddings, making a neighbor ask incredulously, “Bison and wives ? “

Gala, who says he grew up off-grid in rural Trail, a remote and unincorporated community in Jackson County, Ore., Is the founder of Complete Care Health Centers in Medford and Eagle Point. He also created The Guardians, based in Puerto Rico, which offers business advisory and financial capital strategies “based on the essential interconnectivity of wealth, health and philanthropy.”

His wife, Rebecca Blust, is a former teacher and founder of Positive Thinking Revolution consulting.

In February, Gala told The Oregonian / OregonLive, “I have no illusions that one day in the future, maybe after I have been away a long time, there will be houses” built at Billings Farm.

In the meantime, he said he was looking for ways to create jobs, bring “value to the community” and preserve the land.

Gala has yet to announce its plans for the highly visible winery, which has been marketed as having accommodation and event venue potential. Both properties are county land, outside the limits of Ashland, and zoned for exclusive agricultural use.

Here are the highlights of Gala and Blust’s $ 5 million real estate acquisitions in Ashland.

People passing through Ashland on Interstate 5 notice the massive three-story house modeled after a 17th-century castle. The eye-catching mansion is surrounded by lawns, gardens, ponds, and rows of Chardonnay, Viognier, Muscat, Merlot, Syrah, and Pinot Noir vines.

“Magic,” is the word listing agent Sky Blue Swain, who partnered with Portland-based Adrian Wild of More Realty, uses to describe the property.

The recreation of Chateau Herbe in France was the vision of original owner Stanley Mazor, a microelectronics engineer who helped invent the brain of Intel’s microprocessor computer in 1969 when Bill Gates was still a freshman. in high school.

Mazor, a foresighted tech genius in his career, stepped back in time when designing his Ashland residence. It mimicked the long, narrow floor plan used centuries ago when rooms were lit by candlelight and fireplaces, and natural light streaming through windows.

The mansion is just over 15 feet wide.

Mazor and his wife, Maurine, moved into what started out as a chalet, and from 1999-2005 they added to each end of the rectangular structure in phases until the garage in an end tower was now 184 feet from a corresponding tower at the other end that holds the kitchen.

The total living area is 9,383 square feet, which is just a few rooms away from the Oregon Governor’s Mansion in Salem.

There is a stone cellar to store the estate’s wine, a restored barn and a two-story structure that could be used as accommodation, Swain said.

This is a “potential prime location for weddings, guesthouses, Airbnb, music and accommodation,” the marketing materials said, as well as “the buyer must perform his own diligence ”, which leaves it to the buyer to confirm the facts, details and ownership of the property. legal use before signing the contract.

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Billings Farm is the largest single property contiguous to the city limits of Ashland. The Oregon Century Farm, where Percheron horses and Jersey cattle were introduced to the Pacific Northwest in the 1870s, retains the oldest water rights in the area and has two streams open year round.

Gala renamed the farm Medella Bison Ranch – “Medella” means health and healing in Latin, he said – and announced a series of ideas, ranging from installing an airstrip to organization of retreats.

For $ 6,500 per day, the property can be rented for an event with tables and chairs that can accommodate up to 150 guests, according to the website.

Neighbors in the upscale residential community of Billings Ranch, adjacent to the farm, rejected Gala’s idea earlier this year to install a 15-acre income-generating off-road motorcycle racetrack and its request that neighbors share the $ 80,000 cost of irrigating and reseeding a sample of his land as a fire protection area.

Half of the farmland burned in the Almeda fire in 2020.

Medella Bison Ranch’s Facebook posts show the progress made in renovating the farmhouse, built circa 1887.

Blust has also posted articles on monarch butterflies attracted to the earth and Gala is seen in a video standing near an active beehive. “The bees have just appeared, so we let them kick in and see what happens,” he said.

Gala posted that no bison arrived at the farm.

The website said bison meat is expected to be available for sale in the fall of 2021, and pre-orders of $ 550 to $ 2,000 are being accepted.

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