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Calgary performing arts community hit by new COVID-19 outbreak as DJD cancels performances


COVID-19 may be on the back burner for many Albertans, but it continues to create challenges for Calgary’s performing arts community.

On Wednesday afternoon, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Artistic Director Kimberley Cooper announced the cancellation of the remaining performances of jazz familythe company’s first performance before a live audience since the pandemic began in 2020.

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce the cancellation of the last week of performances of jazz family due to COVID-19,” Cooper wrote on Instagram. “Despite our best efforts to keep our bubbles tiny and constantly testing them, we have three dancers down and the show cannot go on.

“This news is all so fresh, but we are already working on how we can (hopefully) reschedule the last performances until the end of September. Please give us a few days to create a plan and offer a suitable proposal to those in need. ‘between you who have tickets (our ticket manager is also currently in self-isolation with symptoms). Of course, we will be happy to refund tickets if you so choose.

Ironically, on the same day, Alberta Health Minister Jason Copping said the most recent trend shows COVID-19 declining across the province, including in Calgary, where numbers have stubbornly remained students.

“This downward trend indicates that transmission is slowing down,” Copping said.

The number of Albertans hospitalized with COVID-19 has fallen to 1,225, including the 37 patients in intensive care.

“I am pleased to report that hospitalizations have decreased over the past week, including intensive care patients with COVID-19,” Copping added. “It looks like the peak in hospitalizations was on April 26, about two weeks ago.”

Seventy deaths from COVID-19 were added last week, Chief Medical Officer Dr Deena Hinshaw said.

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