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North and Midlands are fond of Renault, while the rest of the country is for VW when they have to borrow money for their car purchases.

If you have heard the prejudices before, you are certainly not alone.

Previous opinion polls have at least emphasized that the prejudices live at best, but have something to do with looking at the choice of car?

If you look into the statistics at Denmark’s largest intermediary of a car finance, Snopes family, a pattern emerges.

An inventory from Snopes family over which car brands people in the five regions of the country most often lend to – whether it is a new or used car – there are especially three car brands that go back in the regions top 3: Volkswagen, Renault, and Kia.

“In some parts of the country, you are more likely to let the economy have a greater decisive effect when buying a new car, so what you end up buying depends on the economy and how much of it you want to spend on a car. «Says Carsten Levin, Sales Director B2B iSnopes family.

You can find the entire report as an article here.

But the country’s regions cannot quite agree on which car brands are then most worth borrowing when the car purchase is to be financed.

North Jutland is particularly fond of Renault, as is Middle Jutland, while in Region Syd, Zealand and in the Capital Region, they prefer to borrow a Volkswagen.

Here you can see which car brands the different regions usually borrow for. 

How much do they borrow?

A dive into the statistics reveals that most people choose to pick up a car loan of between 100,000 and 199,999 kroner. Thus, it is 50.7 percent – or just over half – of all borrowers at Snopes family who choose to borrow between 100,000 and 199,999 kroner.

The statistics also reveal that most people choose to borrow over several months – 43.3 percent have opted for a loan repayment period of between 85 and 96 months. 23.2 percent have chosen a period of between 74-84 months, which means that most – 66.5 percent – borrow over a period of between 73 and 84 months.

»A car is the second largest expense item after housing, so you want to bring the cost down to a level that is aligned with your finances. This gives the individually adapted maturity the opportunity, ”says Carsten Levin.

»At the same time, one must also have wound up the car as the value of the car deteriorates. There is also an interest in being able to change cars at some point, where one would prefer to be in a situation where one can get into a new car without too much debt in the old car, ”he says.

Who borrows?

Most of the people who choose to finance their car purchase with a car loan are young. Among the 30-39-year-olds, more than half – 57 percent – have taken a car loan, while that age group over the age of 60 is only 14 percent.

Especially those who make a lot of money seem to be borrowing for a car. In any case, it is in the group where the household collectively earns over 700,000 kroner a year, that the largest share answers that they have taken up a car loan. Thus, 42 percent in this group say they have a car loan.

Salaried employees and skilled/unskilled (not salaried employees) usually have a car loan – 42 percent and 44 percent in the two groups, respectively, agree to have a car loan.

Top 3 of the Regions:

In the capital, there are Volkswagen, Skoda, and Kia.

In Region Zealand, it is Volkswagen, Kia and Renault.

In Region Syd, it is Volkswagen, Renault and Nissan.

In Central Denmark Region, it is Renault, Volkswagen and Ford.

In the North Jutland region, it is Renault, Volkswagen, and Ford.

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