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Caribbean entertainment platform focuses on “Caribbean experience” content


June is Caribbean-American Heritage Month, and media company Good Music Good Times is creating content about the Caribbean experience.

Good Music Good Times is a Caribbean-based entertainment platform, and while the content is designed around radio, the owner says it extends beyond radio.

“To make people realize that good, there’s this high-quality content available here that you can come and see,” said Karem Marcel, owner of Good Music Good Times. “And you can get the things that are true to your identity and true to your culture.”

Marcel worked at a major bank in New York for 10 years and used what he learned about business relationships from that job to start his own business in the basement of his house.

The media platform hosts live streams of DJs broadcast on various social media platforms, with the most popular platform for these streams being Twitch.

The studio behind these streams is meant to capture the visual pull of viewers, and it continues to stand out by featuring guests who use the company’s airwaves to showcase their talents.

The broadcast company also covers and hosts events, including its “One Caribbean One Culture” festival which premieres on July 24.