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Central Fresno event center sees repeated break-ins and vandalism

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Kemi Fagbule is the owner of the Fagbule Glass House event center in downtown Fresno.

The building has hosted many weddings, quinceañeras and birthday parties over the past 13 years.

While it may look run down and vacant now, that wasn’t the case just a few months ago.

Fagbule says that in addition to the events held here, a church has been renting the space for two years.

But now she can no longer run the business because of all the damage, especially because the problems are persistent.

“Two days ago, I just spent $1,500. We fixed the glass, we fixed the door, everything was clean. We swept and guess what? They came back the next day.”

On April 24, she entered her business to find it destroyed. Since then, Fagbule says the crimes have only gotten worse.

The crooks continue to break in, throw paint, vandalize the building with graffiti, cut and steal wires, air conditioners and the electric meter.

They also broke windows and glass doors.

Fagbule says at least one person has been arrested, but the attacks have not stopped.

In broad daylight this week, she saw someone on a bicycle with a saw in front of her apartment building.

Fagbule believes the person behind the crimes is a former client who she says threatened to ruin her building.

She is now asking the police and the city for help as the bills pile up.

But she says city code enforcement instead issued its citations, saying the exterior walls are damaged, deteriorated and dilapidated.

While she says the city wants to shut down her building, she hopes to keep fighting.

A statement from the city reads: “Code Enforcement has an open case for this property. However, we have worked with the owner and have not issued a citation. We have also referred the owner to EDD, where there may be an option for a low-interest loan to help with repairs.”

A spokesperson also explains that the money paid by Fabugle for enforcing the code was for administrative costs.

Fresno police also provided answers.

The department says it has an open investigation and officers are investigating a few people who were arrested at this location for similar incidents.

Since April 24, they have taken four reports, three of which have led to citations and/or arrests.

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