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Dylan Arnold from You talks about our fascination with crime


“It’s 90 degrees and I miss the November weather in Seattle a lot, ”actor Dylan Arnold laughs from his backyard in Los Angeles. “I miss the seasons.” But Los Angeles’ year-round heat – not to mention the 1,000-mile distance – hasn’t made Arnold forget his Seattle roots. It clings to our functional style sensibilities, always proudly rocking a flannel and, of course, avoiding an umbrella when it rains. “I definitely kept that Northwest fashion sense for sure. It doesn’t have to be flashy.

Growing up on Bainbridge Island, Arnold was fascinated by the theater from an early age: “I was always the kid with an active imagination, so I found a way to harness it to player. From around the age of eight he began performing in school plays, which eventually led to enrollment in classes at Bainbridge Performing Arts. There he participated in main stage productions like The Wizard of Oz and The secret garden, which gave the young actor the opportunity to be on stage with adults. “It was a dream because I admired these people so much. And, of course, the productions are a lot bigger, so it was exciting to be a part of it. ”

Dylan recalls times he would occasionally find himself taking the ferry from Bainbridge Island to Seattle to see a show at the 5th Avenue Theater. The atmosphere of the historic theater and being able to watch the actors move seamlessly through their roles sparked something. “It was admiring these people and seeing what maybe I could do someday,” he says. to do that, I want to do that! ‘”

And that’s exactly what he did. After moving from Seattle to Idyllwild, Calif., In his sophomore year in high school, and eventually obtaining a BFA in Drama from the University of North Carolina, Arnold broke new ground in his acting career in films like Halloween and the After series of films, before heading to You.

The Twisted Saga of Lover Joe Goldberg, played by former Tacoma resident Penn Badgley, follows his quest to find true love, even if that means killing anyone who gets in his way, including items. of his affection. This season Arnold has joined the cast as the charming and impressionable Theo, whose companion dog vibe is a nod to Joe’s murderous tendencies. Whether he will remain an uncorrupted innocent in the seasons to come is an open question.

Since the premiere of its third season last October, the sensational popular show has secured its place on Netflix’s Top 10 World list. A lot of YouIt’s allure seems to be its nuanced, at times sympathetic, approach to heinous crimes – and it certainly doesn’t hurt when those crimes are committed by beautiful people. We’re both attracted to and repelled by the characters on the show, which is part of what makes it so appealing.

Arnold thinks that we as a culture might have an obsession with bad boys. Or it may just be a fascination with people who are different from us. “As a human you want to be able to understand it,” he says. “I think that by giving us support through film and television, we can delve into the lives of those people that we couldn’t imagine doing the things they do.

Learning to inhabit another person’s state of mind was what drew Arnold to the career in the first place. “That’s the great thing about this business is that you can explore certain psychologies and different types of people. The BPA helped him find a place where he could do just that. “It was a very rewarding community and it was a place where I could play and feel like I could be myself.” In a full moment, Arnold received the center’s 2020 Amy Award, awarded to an emerging young artist from Bainbridge Island.