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GCW Sell Out Hammerstein Ballroom – Biggest Audience in Place History Teased


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As for independent wrestling in 2021, it is quickly entering what could be seen as yet another boom period. Between all the free agents coming in from WWE and Ring of Honor, to fans looking for exciting new promotions after the pandemic restrictions are relaxed, things have never looked better. We’re seeing promotions like House of Glory book massive main event matches like Amazing Red vs. Malakai Black, but the real Kings of India currently have to be Game Changer Wrestling (GCW).

The promotion is best known for death matches, even some including former WWE Intercontinental Champion Matt Cardona, but they offer an incredible variety of action. This makes it one of the hottest promotions in North America, a fact that cannot be disputed with their next show at an iconic sold-out venue.

One of the biggest crowds in Hammerstein Ballroom history will forever belong to GCW

Considering GCW like many other indies, used to attract fifty fans to a bar or arcade? They have come a long way. This is illustrated by the fact that they have sold out all available tickets for The WRLD On GCW, which will take place in the Hammerstein Ballroom. Everyone from Ring of Honor to WWE has run this arena, but GCW reports that it will be the largest crowd for a wrestling show in the history of the venue.

To make matters even better, this show sold on the promotion hype alone. No matches have been announced yet, with the show not taking place until January 23, 2022. There are plenty of stops for GCW along the way, with a few big matches to come – but nothing for The WRLD on the way. GCW. We can assume they’re going to release a megacard for the ages and have all of their championships on the line – and maybe even belts from other promotions.

Currently, the GCW World Championship is held by Jon Moxley, while the GCW Team Championships are held by The Briscoes. Even big games for these champions would make fans happy, but chances are they’ll go above and beyond and live up to their name on this show.

Do you think shows like this will become more common in 2022? What other major sites will GCW sell? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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