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KK Showed No Symptoms of Illness: Event Company Answers Fans’ Questions


The unexpected death of the KK singer soon after a live performance at a college festival in Kolkata has left his fans angry and shocked. Many claimed that the air conditioning in the Nazrul Mancha auditorium, where the singer was performing, was not working properly. Many have raised questions about why KK was not rushed to hospital as he felt unwell. Event management company BlackEyed Event House has now shared a lengthy statement on Facebook in which they answered all questions regarding the incident. Read also : KK didn’t want to get out of car after seeing ‘too many people’ at venue, says singer who performed before him

The statement from BlackEyed Event House read, “We would like to apologize to everyone for this late post about the unfortunate accident that happened after our show with KK sir. Since then we have been busy with the formal proceedings. We would like to state in advance that our role in the entire event was that of coordinating the artists. We have had a very special bond with KK sir over the years and are shocked by his sudden passing. We have seen many questions addressed to our event management company, let us know the answers below:

1. Have the ACs been turned off?

No, the ACs were running and working at full capacity. Nazrul Mancha has a specific seating capacity, but few extra people are forced into the auditorium. It is very obvious that the auditorium having AC installed for a specific capacity of people cannot function properly when the crowd exceeds the capacity. The venue was chosen by the college authorities and we have nothing to do with the choice of venue or the management of the venue infrastructure.

2. Was there a forced entry? Why was the crowd not managed?

Yes, there was a forced entry into the auditorium. From the outer door to the auditorium door were bouncers and police forces as well as the student union who did their best to actively manage the crowd. But the crowd was beyond their expectations and the crowd threw rocks at the volunteers to gain entry. The police did their best to manage the crowd wisely.

3. Was KK Sir forced to perform?

He didn’t have to play. Also, there was no communication from KK Sir or his band members that they wanted to stop the performance. KK sir gave his best until the end and we, his manager and everyone associated with this show supported him in every way we could in our capacity.

4. Why was KK Sir not rushed to hospital from Nazrul Mancha?

KK Sir showed no symptoms of illness and played vigorously until the very end. We’ve also seen high performing artists picking up towels to wipe their faces in the past; it does not necessarily indicate that the performer is showing symptoms of illness. After each rigorous show, we see the artists tired and escorted as soon as possible. The videos circulating on social media that KK sir was kicked out due to chest pains are absolutely fake and not even from the May 31 show. KK Sir returned to the hotel and also took selfies with fans, before falling ill. His manager also confirmed the same.”

The company further added, “This is an unfortunate loss for all of us, especially ‘us’ as we have been associated with KK sir for a good number of years and have developed a personal bond with him. As we mourn the loss of a loved one, we would like to ask you to understand our situation and introspect if we deserve the hate campaign that some people have started on social media. If you find comfort in doing this, we will be happy to support the weight of your anger The coordination of the artists was our responsibility and we did our best.