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Olin Kreutz confirms he’s out of NBC Sports Chicago after CHGO incident


Six-time Pro Bowler for the Bears Olin Kreutz recently spoke out for the first time since being fired by Chicago-based sports media company CHGO Sports in May after allegedly assaulting a co-worker.

Kreutz was an analyst for NBC Sports Chicago. In May, he allegedly “grabbed CHGO colleague Adam Hoge by the neck in response to an offhand remark” during a staff meeting at the CHGO office. The two did a show together called NBCSCH’s Football after-show where Kreutz had become a household name for his Bears analysis.

Following the incident, Kreutz reportedly contacted Hoge privately about the incident, but did not address the situation publicly. However, when the report revealed the company was firing him, Kreutz said he had “already decided his time at CHGO was up,” citing some things he deemed “unprofessional” about running the company. company, according to Chicago Sun-Times.

“I know they came out and said they fired me, but…it was my decision,” Kreutz told the Sun-Times. “And like I told my kids, you do something like that, you pay the penalty. You take the punishment and then you try to become a better person and try to learn from every situation.

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Speak Sun-Times, Hoge did not need treatment and did not file a police report after the incident. He also wanted to continue the show with Kreutz. However, Kreutz was against the idea, saying he “believes his time is up” at CHGO.

More so, the two-time All-Pro center said the incident made some of his colleagues “uncomfortable” in the building.

“…If people don’t feel good about me being there, obviously I don’t want to be there,” Kreutz told the Time. “From my point of view, how could that change? … And, if they are afraid of me, then you should ask them what they intend to tell me. answer to that.”

While Kreutz will no longer work for NBC Sports Chicago, he also worked as an analyst for 670 The Score in Chicago. But, it has not been determined if he will return to the platform.

Kreutz played for the Bears from 1998 to 2010 before spending a season with the Saints.