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Michigan business groups urge Biden to reconsider his tenure

LANSING, Mich. (AP) – Michigan business groups urge president Joe biden to reconsider a plan requiring most workers to be vaccinated or tested regularly for COVID-19, but say, if enacted, the government. Gretchen whitmer should ensure that the related state rules are not more stringent. Michigan Chamber of Commerce and six local chambers raised a host of concerns and questions about the pending federal mandate Monday. It will apply to all employers with at least 100 employees. Sales managers cite the cost and logistical challenge of verifying workers’ immunization status and test results at a time when staff are limited.


Utility worker electrocuted after contact with live cable

BRIGHTON, Mich. (AP) – Utility worker died after being electrocuted near Brighton in Livingston County. WLNS-TV reports that Michigan State Police the 41-year-old said DTE Energy employee of South lyon was working on live wires in the ground about 10:30 am Sunday. Detroit-based ETTD energy said in a statement that the field worker was working to restore power to utility customers in Brighton “when it came into contact with a live cable and sustained fatal injuries.” The employee’s name and other details of the incident were not immediately released. Brighton is approximately 44 miles northwest of Detroit.


Free and healthy food too: a small town grows its own vegetables

DURAND, Mich. (AP) – Need a tomato for a sandwich? In a small Michigan community, it’s as easy as picking one from a plant that grows downtown. Durand is in Shiawassee County, southwest of Flint. It offers an “edible landscape”, a variety of free fruits and vegetables. The city council recently gave a vote of confidence to the gardens by agreeing to spend up to $ 500 one year. Head of program Michel Nazarian estimates that the Edible Landscape will produce over 300 pounds of fruits and vegetables this year. Nazarian approached Durand officials last spring. He touted it as a way to reinvigorate downtown and promote healthy lifestyles.


University towns plan to challenge 2020 census results

Some college towns are considering questioning the 2020 census results. They claim they have been cheated because the pandemic has forced students to leave campuses. They also complain that undercoverage could cost them federal money and prestige. Affected communities include Bloomington, Indiana; Tuscaloosa, Alabama; and State College, Pennsylvania. Dudley Poston is professor of sociology at Texas A&M University. He says off-campus students were at the greatest risk of being missed. a Associated press Examining 75 metropolitan areas with the highest proportion of people between the ages of 20 and 24 showed that census results were well below population estimates in some cases, but also significantly exceeded them in others. .


Michigan travels to fund mental health like physical health

LANSING, Mich. (AP) – As of this month, 13 mental health and addiction clinics across Michigan will receive the same Medicaid funding as any other health center in an effort to help bridge the stigmatizing and financial divide between mental and physical health. The selection Certified behavioral health community clinics meet high standards of care for those in need of mental health and addiction services. They will now be fully reimbursed by Medicaid. It is the same as other health care services and instead of relying on grants to supplement costs.


Former representative of the United States Dan Benishek of Michigan dies at 69

DETROIT (AP) – Dan Benishek, a Michigan surgeon who completed three mandates in Congress, died at the age of 69. In a statement, his family say he died on Friday. Details of how he died were not disclosed. The republican of Crystal falls represented in the north Michigan, including the Upper peninsula, from 2011 to 2017. In Congress, Benishek served at the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Veterans Affairs committees. He also worked at Iron Mountain Medical Center in Virginia for two decades as a surgeon. Republican leaders described him as a lawyer who fought with passion. Govt. Gretchen whitmer said once the funeral arrangements have been announced, we and Michigan flags will be lowered in his honor.


President leaves UP university founded by Finnish immigrants

HANCOCK, Mich. (AP) – A college founded by Finnish immigrants in Michigan Upper peninsula will be looking for a new chef. Philippe johnson announces that he is resigning from his post as president of University of Finland in Hancock at the end of the 2021-22 school year. He didn’t give a reason. Johnson has been criticized by faculty members, who approved a vote of no confidence in June. In response, the school’s governing board said attracting more students was a “top priority”. Finland was known as Suomi College when it opened in 1896. It is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. The liberal arts school said it had 430 students as of September.


Proposed quarantine for firewood to keep pests out of condition

LANSING, Mich. (AP) – Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural development proposed a quarantine on outdoor firewood to help prevent the introduction of unwanted pests and diseases into the state. Under the proposal, firewood shipped to Michigan should be certified as heat treated at a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 60 minutes. Kiln-dried lumber and wood chips less than an inch and logs or lumber shipped from outside sources directly to sawmills and other facilities for immediate processing would be exempt. The agency says more than 140 pests and diseases can be moved by firewood, including the Asian longhorn beetle, mountain pine beetle and the spotted lantern fly.


Family whose son drowned in pond donates sonar

BERGER, Mich. (AP) – One halfMichigan A couple whose 4-year-old son drowned in a pond donated sonar to the police for use in similar emergencies. John and Rachel kenny say they bought the device with money left over from a GoFundMe account. The AquaEye can sweep two acres of water in five minutes. Their son, Spencer, fell through the ice and drowned in a pond last December in Isabelle County. Shepherd Tri Township Fire Department says the result could have been different with the device, which can identify bodies, especially in murky waters.


Detroit the elderly community gets $ 19.7 million in renovation

DETROIT (AP) – Almost $ 20 million in renovations to an affordable housing community that houses 198 Detroit seniors have been completed. City says apartment rents will not increase due to the $ 19.7 million in upgrades to Place overlooking the park. The building is just east of downtown Detroit. Each apartment received approximately $ 41,000 in upgrades including new appliances, kitchen cabinets, counters, sinks and faucets, and flooring. The building also received new elevators, a new roof, new windows, new entrance doors, a new boiler, new water pumps and a new fire extinguishing system. The renovations and affordability extensions were made possible, in part, by a 9% low-income housing tax credit granted by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority.

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